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EZVIZ is a global brand active in the Smarthome sector, for the consumer and residential market.

EZVIZ offers its customers a smart, practical and secure environment through its smart devices, a cloud-based platform and AI technology. EZVIZ’s innovative products and services can be implemented in homes, workplaces, shops, schools, etc.

Starting as a small team with big ambitions, EZVIZ has tried to overcome the limits, dreaming of creating innovative products and services. Since its foundation, EZVIZ has gained recognition from consumers around the world and has achieved important technological innovations and sales successes.

Today, with the goal of becoming the most reliable and respected brand of smart home security products, combined with cutting-edge technology and the vast experience accumulated in recent years, EZVIZ is ready to create a safe, comfortable and smart life for everyone.


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 Available from 20 January 2021
Solar panel EZVIZ CS-CMT-Solar Panel specific for C3A camera, Allows you to recharge the battery of the C3A camera. It makes the camera more convenient to use and eliminates the need to disassemble and recharge the C3A camera . power supply voltage 5 V +/- 5% Max, Dimensions 153 mm x 80 mm x 2 mm
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Camera   EZVIZ C6TC / CS-CV248-A0-32WFR Indoor motorized rotating WIFI camera, 2Megapixel FULL-HD 1080P, 4mm fixed lens , 1/3 "CMOS sensor. Incorporates WIFI [ IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n ], Rotation 340 ° (horizontal) and 90 ° (vertical), Autotracking , EZVIZ Cloud, 10M IR illuminator, MicroSD slot, Two-way audio, Can be integrated into EZVIZ alarm systems
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Camera   EZVIZ C3A / CS-C3A-B0-1C2WPMFBR outdoor wifi 2Megapixel wireless with installable battery, wide viewing angle, integrated PIR sensor , two-way audio (Microphone and Speaker), EZVIZ Cloud, microSD slot, IP65 protection. Standalone installation or via W2D base station connectable to the router
Camera   EZVIZ C3W Color Night Vision / CS-CV310-A0-3C2WFRL 2Megapixel FULL-HD 1080P outdoor WIFI camera, 2.8mm fixed lens, 1 / 2.8 "CMOS sensor with color night vision , H.265, Incorporates WIFI [ IEEE802. 11 b / g / n ], Siren and Strobe Light , 30M IR Illuminator, Two-way Audio, Microphone, EZVIZ Cloud, Customizable Voice Messages, MicroSD Slot, IP67 Protection
Camera   EZVIZ C3X / CS-CV310-C0-6B22WF-D1Y0 Outdoor WIFI Camera, 4mm Fixed Dual Lens Dual Lens , 2MP FULL-HD and Artificial Intelligence . 1 / 2.7 "CMOS sensor with Dark Fighter Technology (Color night vision),   Incorporates WIFI [ IEEE802.11b / g / n ], Strobe Light and Siren , People Detection, Vehicle Detection. EZVIZ Cloud, MicroSD Slot, IP67 Protection
C3A + base W2D Duo Pack Ezviz / CS-W2D-B2-EUP   Video Surveillance - 2x Wireless Battery Camera, 125 ° Viewing Angle, 2.4G Wifi ( C3A Battery Cam )   + 1x Wireless camera base, Extend WIFI coverage, Up to 6 C3A cameras, DC 5V power supply ( W2D ). Ready to use kit.
  Hurry up! Only a few pieces left in our warehouse!
C3A + base WLB Single Pack Ezviz / CS-WLB-B1-EUP Video surveillance Wireless battery camera, 125 ° viewing angle, 2.4G Wifi ( C3A Battery Cam )   + 1 Base Module with 4G Module, Extends the autonomy of the C3A , Up to 6 C3A cameras, 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery ( WLB ). Ready to use kit.