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Analogue Cameras

CCTV Analog cameras are the most common CCTV products on the market and may be divided mainly by the technology of their image sensor. It may be a CMOS or CCD sensor, the last one usually is made by Sony, one of the best solutions for analog video surveillance. CCTV cameras image sensors have different features such as WDR, 3ND, ATR, Defog, ATC, AGC, HLC and diverge for the number of lines that the image sensor is able to capture: 600TVL Cmos cameras, 850TVL Cmos cameras, 1000TVL Cmos cameras, 1200TVL Cmos cameras, 760TVL CCD cameras and 960TVL CCD cameras. The image lines captured are not the only features to be considered in choosing a camera for video surveillance purposes: there may be different lenses, fixed (no possibility to zoom) or varifocal ones (possibility to change the framing depth), aesthetic differences such as among Bullet, Dome or PTZ analog cameras and the presence or not of an IR illuminator suitable for night vision.