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Professional Complete Wired Home Alarm Kit Bentel Security KIT ABS630-K: 1x New Absoluta 630 control unit expandable from 6 to 30 zones; 1x bentel classika BKB-LCD alarm keypad 1x NEKA self-powered external alarm bentel siren CHECK OUT THE WIRELESS POWERG VERSION! >> KITABS630-KW <<
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Kit  Allarme Casa Wireless Completo Professionale Bentel Security KITA BS630-KW: 1x Nuova Centrale Absoluta 630 espandibile da 6 a 30 zone; 1x tastiera allarme bentel classika BKB-LCD 1x Ricevitore radio Bentel absoluta wifi PowerG wireless BW-PGH 1x Radiocomando bentel BW-RCH 1x Contatto magnetico bentel wireless  BW-MCN 1x Rilevatore bentel BW-802 DAI UN'OCCHIATA ALLA   VERSIONE FILARE ! >> ABS630-K  <<
ABSPLUSKIT-18: Anti-theft Kit, Bentel ABSPLUSKIT-18 Alarm with 2 Perimeter Sensors included! (TK-501) : 1x ABSOLUTA PLUS ABS18 Wireless PowerG Hybrid Wired Zone Card (ABS18) + 1x GSM / GPRS / SMS communicator optional card (ABS- GSM) + 1x GSM antenna (ABS-AK) + 1x Enclosure (ABS-P) + 1x T-WHITE LCD keypad + 1x 2.6A switching power supply (BAW35T12) + 1x Self-powered siren (NEKA)
SETIK EXCLUSIVE - ONLY US ON THE WEB! KITABS48-IP: Anti-theft Kit, Bentel Alarm KITABS48-IP : 1x ABSOLUTA PLUS ABS48 Wireless PowerG Wired Hybrid Zone Card (ABS48) + 1x GSM / GPRS / SMS communicator card (ABS-GSM) + 1x GSM antenna (ABS-AK) + 1x Enclosure (ABS-P) + 1x T-WHITE LCD keypad + 1x 2.6A switching power supply (BAW35T12) + 1x Self-powered siren (NEKA) + 1x LAN / WAN communication card (ABS-IP) !!! DISCOVER THE PLUS VERSION:  KITABS48-IP-PLUS 
KITABS48-IP-PLUS: Anti-theft Kit, Bentel Alarm KITABS48-IP-PLUS with 2 Perimeter Sensors included! (2x TK501) : 1x ABSOLUTA PLUS ABS48 Hybrid PowerG Wired Zone Card (ABS48) + 1x GSM/GPRS/SMS communicator optional card (ABS-GSM) + 1x GSM Antenna (ABS-AK) + 1x Container (ABS-P) + 1x T-WHITE LCD Keypad + 1x 2.6A Switching Power Supply (BAW35T12) + 1x Self-Powered Siren (NEKA) 1x LAN/WAN Communication Card (ABS-IP)
KIT501 / KIT-501 - AMC Electronic Anti-theft Kit including: ♦ 1x Central alarm 8 zones expandable to 24 C24GSM / PLUS ♦ 1x LCD Backlit Remote Keypad with K-LCD VOICE speakers ♦ 2x Dual Technology PIR / MW MOUSE Sensors 09 ♦ 1x Self-powered orange flashing siren SR 136 ♦ 1x PZ2 two-tone indoor piezoelectric siren
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