WiFi Dome IP Camera 2MP Starlight 2.8mm CableFree IVS WDR - Tiandy

WiFi Dome IP Camera 2MP Starlight 2.8mm CableFree IVS WDR - Tiandy
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IP Video Camera Tiandy Mini IR Indoor WiFi Dome with 2Megapixel 1080P @ 25fps resolution, 2.8mm optics and 1 / 2.8 "CMOS sensor with Starlight technology . CableFree technology, Triple Stream, Video Compression H.265 / H.264, WDR 140dB , Smart Defog, Corridor Mode, EIS, ROI.   IR Illuminator , Video Analysis, Motion, ANR, Audio & Alarm, MicroSD Slot, IK10, PoE . TC-NC262S

Reference: TC-NC262S

Brand: Tiandy

EAN: 8058258766607


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Prodotto Tiandy Camera IP video surveillance Starlight Mini Dome Cable Free from indoor with 2MP 1080P resolution and 2.8mm fixed lens. Support Wi-Fi connection, Triple stream, Video Analysis , Audio, Alarm, MicroSD slot and 10leds IR illuminator. Protected from overload / lightning, and vandalism. PoE protocol TC-NC262S

Product details

Learn more about one of the Chinese BRAND LEADER in the world of IP security!

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- Indoor Mini Dome IP Camera
- Supports WIFI connection
- Resolution 2Megapixel 1080P (1920x1080)
- Design Cable Free
- Fixed 2.8mm Optic
- Video Compression H.265 / H.264
- 1 / 2.8 "CMOS image sensor with Starlight technology
- Starlight technology : Color vision even at night
- Triple Stream
- Smart IR illuminator with 10 leds (15 meters)
- Video Analysis: Crossing / Double crossing / Perimeter / Abandoned objects / Lost objects / Running / Loitering / Parking / Crowd / Audio anomaly detection / Video anomaly detection
- Day / Night (Dual-ICR), 3D DNR, HLC, AGC
- WDR 140dB
- Smart Defog
- Corridor mode
- ROI (Region of interest)
- EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
- Audio: 1 Input (Integrated Microphone) + 1 Output
- Alarm: 1 Input + 1 Output
- Onvif compatible
- Slot for MicroSD Card (Max 128GB)
- Without IP66 protection (indoor)
- IK10 Protection (Vandalism)
- Protection against overloads / lightning
- Reset button
- Languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Thai, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, French
- PoE protocol
- Certifications: CE, FCC
- Dimensions: 150mm × 150mm × 122mm

Data sheet

Image Sensor 1 / 2.8 "CMOS
Min. Illumination Color: 0.002Lux (F1.2, AGC ON) / B / W: 0.001Lux (F1.2, AGC ON); 0Lux with IR
Lens 2.8mm, Angle of View: 113.5 °
Wide Dynamic Range 140dB
Focus -
Video Compression H.265 / H.264 HP / MP / BP / M-JPEG
Max. Image Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate 50Hz: 25fps (1920x1080), 25fps (1280 × 960), 50fps (1280 × 720 )
Triple Stream Mainstream: 1080P (1920 * 1080) / Substream: D1 (704 * 576) / 3rd stream: 720P (1280 * 720)
Smart Defog Yes
Corridor Format Y, Available for 720P and Above
ANR Y, Auto store video in SD card when NVR disconnected, and upload video to NVR when resumed connection (Only Support Tiandy ANR NVR)
Video Analytics

Tripwire / Double Tripwire / Perimeter / Object Abandon / Object Lost / Running / Loitering / Parking / Crowd / Audio Abnormal Detection / Video Abnormal Detection

System Compatibility ONVIF (Profile S), SDK
Audio Input 1-ch, Bulit-in Mic
Audio Output 1-ch
Alarm Input 1-ch
Alarm Output 1-ch
On-Board Storage Micro SD Slot, up to 128GB
Reset Yes
Power Supply DC12 V ± 10%, PoE (802.3af)
Circuit Protection TVS 6000V, Lightning / Surge Protection: (Power 2000V, RJ45 1000V)
Impact Protection Only for Indoor Installation, IK10
IR Range 15m
Dimensions 116mm × 116mm × 60mm
Weight 0.25KG (IP Camera Only); 0.4KG (with Packing Box)

More details

Tecnologia TVP

S + 265 & TVP technology for image quality improvement.


S + 265 technology


S + 265 is a technology designed by TIANDY with which you can save up to 30% of bandwidth compared to the H.265 standard and up to 70% compared to the old H.264 standard.

Tecnologia S+265

TVP technology

1. Improved S / N ratio (Signal / Noise) to 7db, Technology a

noise reduction.
2. 30% more accurate colors, white balance technology
3. Improved visual quality by 38%, thanks to a TIANDY patent which
optimizes image gradations.
4. Greater image sharpness, thanks to adaptive dynamic templates

Tecnologia TVP


This camera supports WI-FI connection

Tecnologia Starlight


The integration of Starlight technology is the basis of a wide range of Tiandy products that immediately believed in its advantages. Starlight is not simple night vision, the integration of Tiandy Starlight solutions is an expression of technology and research.


Starlight for Tiandy is one of the most important components of its product range, but what are the advantages of integrating Starlight technology into video surveillance?

? Night vision beyond the typical IR area, without being bound by their beam
? No reflection due to IR for near objects or tampering (blinding, etc.)
? Color vision that allows better recognition of faces and objects
? High sharpness equal to daylight vision which definitely improves the vision quality
? Reduced lighting costs of the recovery area, consequently improving also the derived privacy


There are many arguments that convey its success, the Tiandy implementation of the Starlight is today the best in terms of range and quality, allowing visibility up to 0.0008 Lux

Cable Free Design

Difference between a Standard camera and a cable free

The advantages of "Cable Free" on IP cameras are largely due to greatly reduced installation times.

It will no longer be necessary to provide junction boxes to insert the cables, but it will be sufficient to directly connect the PoE network cable, or cable and separate power supply to the camera to ensure its operation.

A more rational aesthetic and easier installation ensure greater installation speed and less problematic solutions as well as ensuring a decidedly more pleasing aesthetic


Example image - Bullet version (TC-NC214S)

The inside of our Bullet Cable Free camera

Video Content Analysis

VCA or Video Content Analysis is the set of video analysis made available on Tiandy products useful for the detection of specific actions, a technology that allows a step forward compared to the common video surveillance cameras that only detect a movement in a single area.

The Video Analysis allows to identify the type of movement and assign it based on specific logics of behavior drastically reducing false alarms and detecting decidedly more complex events.


This camera features:
- Line crossing

Useful to detect the overcoming of a "virtual" line, typical examples of Tripwire, in the underground docks, in the presence of gates or private areas, obviously the tripwire allows you to select a series of settings useful to avoid false alarms, such as size , the management and much more.


- Double crossing

The double crossing unlike the single one manages the overcoming of 2 virtual lines, the utility of this type of solution we find it in case there is an approach from a specific path that must be alarmed and not simply the climb over, example 2 inputs, but I want ONLY know who exceeds the line from a specific input, the double tripwire is the only solution. Also in this case there are many manageable options, such as the time between one climb and another.


- Perimeter

The perimeter is another type of complex analysis managed by Tiandy, the principles are similar to bypassing but the reference is a specific perimeter in which tiandy alerts in case you enter that area, the uses are easily imaginable, security areas, reserved or near to input outputs, all requirements that with a typical Motion Detection are not manageable.


- Abandoned objects

The management of the abandoned object today has become a very important need especially in the field of public places, where it is essential to have immediate notification of variations in the shooting area. Once the management area has been defined, it is possible to foresee the change of the scene with the presence of "new" objects, being able to manage complexity and many other parameters, even in areas with considerable scene complexity and reduced dimensions, obviously also in this case the parameters are remarkable and the possibilities of use also. Try to think of public entrances, but also shops or warehouses.


- Object lost

Exactly the inverse of the abandoned object, the change of scene with the subtraction of an object present, can give rise to an alarm useful to detect any subject who has carried out the subtraction of the same, also in this case no difficulty to operate on complex scenes and very small dimensions, the object can be moved inside the area, but if it is taken outside it automatically triggers the alarm, the utility is easily understood in areas exposed to the public with products that must be visible but that should not be subtracted.

- Travel

Particularly useful in crowded public places (supermarkets, parking lots, restaurants) wherever the ride is not a consistent behavior if not following an action where it is necessary to move away quickly from the place. Running detection allows you to identify the person who is running and (if you are in the presence of a PTZ camera) also zoom in to identify the subject, otherwise it is still possible to trigger an alarm and possibly activate it with other cameras in the area.



- Loitering

The concept of Loitering has been strongly requested in recent years due to vandalism, the loitering detects people who reside in the recovery area for a period longer than "defined" and does so without a specific path (precisely loitering) typical of whom is performing operations such as tracking, or is close to actions towards people or things, also in this case, besides defining the area, many parameters are possible to avoid false alarms

- Parking area

The parking analysis detects the possible arrest of an object with specific dimensions within an area, useful for areas with reserved parking, or simply to inform when certain areas are occupied, also for statistical purposes, used on roads, on private parking of restaurants or hotels. In the presence of PTZ cameras or other systems, they can trigger a series of events such as counting or tracking and much more.


- Crowd

One of the most important analyzes required today is the crowd assembly, sometimes for statistical purposes, sometimes for security reasons, Tiandy's Crowd mode, not only allows the analysis of this event by defining the assembly parameters (density and much more ) but can trigger many alarms that can trigger subsequent events. The same system is used for Marketing purposes in environments where you want to monitor when the influx of people to the venue is particularly high so as to plan which are the most successful schedules, or changes during events (to detect the event with greater attraction .

- Audio anomaly detection

The audio provides the same type of detection but with attention to noise thresholds, in this case the application of this type of alarm is to be considered within areas, which are usually silent, in particular at certain times (shops inside) and where the possible subject, knowing the position is able to avoid the framing by the camera, the audio is usually a little considered factor, therefore a low noise threshold can trigger alarms NOT detected by the cameras, or in a work area where alarms need to be activated beyond a certain threshold, there are many possible applications.

- Video anomaly detection

In addition to the common cases of lack of the signal, the Video Abnormal Detection is used to avoid the "TAMPERING" of the cameras, it is common, above all on unattended security cameras before any unauthorized activity to pass in advance to move the point of vision, or change the focus so as to prevent the recognition of the person passing by. This type of event is extremely important to be detected, especially in the presence of unattended and reachable cameras, it is typical to move the cameras so as to ensure easy passage ..

Triplo Stream, Triplo flusso dati

The Video Stream is the video stream sent by the camera or recording to allow viewing or recording, typically the video surveillance equipment has 2 Stream Video, the first for recording (high resolution) the second for remote viewing (low resolution , low bandwidth).


Tiandy introduced the THIRD STREAM is an extremely useful tool in video surveillance implementations, the third Stream is yet another indispensable tool for professional use of video surveillance as there are several needs that require video streams of different qualities (eg online transmission , recording on sd-card, video streams on internal and external network, recording on different devices, online transmission, etc.) needs that stand out from the first and second streams, now manageable with the third Stream.


All this is possible thanks to the high performance of the hardware introduced in the cameras that guarantee reliability even with many simultaneous flows.


Primary Flow: 1080P (1920x1080)
Secondary flow: D1 (704x576)
Third Flow: 720P (1280 * 720)


Slot per MicroSD

This camera is equipped with a Micro SD slot.
Supports MicroSD up to a maximum of 128Gb.

Illuminatore Smart IR

This camera is equipped with an IR illuminator with Smart IR technology

The light emitted by the LEDs is adapted according to the object framed

Approximate flow rate 15 meters

Esempio illuminatore IR con tecnologia SmarIR

Funzione ANR

Automatic storage of video in the SD card when the NVR is disconnected, and upload the video to the NVR
when the connection resumes ( only with NVR ANR Tiandy )

Wide Dynamic Range 140dB

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): It is the professional solution in cases where it is necessary to operate in conditions of high contrast light / shadow. Fundamental in the case of shooting from inside to outside, license plates, points in the shade or all situations where there is no homogeneous light.

Modalità corridoio Corridor Mode. Very often we find ourselves having to film more vertical than horizontal areas.
A normal horizontal format may not be the best solution.
To overcome this problem, many devices implement the Corridor Mode function, obtaining a "vertical" orientation video stream from the camera.

Immagine esempio della funzione Corridor ModeFunzione ROI This camera has a ROI function .

Images from IP cameras are "compressed", so quality is set during recording. Especially on cameras with a very high resolution, it is often necessary to reduce the quality in order to guarantee a reduced bandwidth occupation and to record a greater number of days or cameras.
The ROI allows you to define areas where to set a higher quality (for example a door, the area where the license plate usually passes, an exit, etc.). In that area I can set a higher quality thus ensuring a greater definition of the image.
Ultra Smart Funzione ROIFunzione EIS This camera has the EIS function .

The EIS (image stabilizer) useful especially when the camera is not positioned in a fixed place (ships, vehicles, etc.) or outside on poles where the weather conditions can make the image unstable
Ultra Smart Funzione Stabilizzazione EISFunzione Smart Defog SMART DEFOG
It allows you to clearly see images taken in particular climatic conditions: rain, smoke and fog
Example image of DEFOG function
Example image of DEFOG functionProtezione contro fulmini e sovraccarico

This camera is protected against overloads / lightning.
TVS 6000V

Overload / Lightning Protection: (Power 2000V, RJ45 1000V)

Protocollo PoE The advantage of a PoE camera is obvious, it allows it to be powered with the same cable with which it communicates without carrying additional power cables and without having to install a separate power supply system, a PoE camera guarantees constant voltages and simple installation



All our products are in conformity with the in force CE normative (read here). To ask for a copy of the certification fill out this form


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