Your terms and conditions of use

All prices on our website can be changed at any time without any communication. They can also be changed according to promotions or bargain sales. All prices are provided with a reservation of typing errors.

All products are brand new and sealed. All devices are tested before being dispatched, thus we do not respond for the malfunctioning of a product due to the improper installation. We decline any responsibility for the improper or illegal use of the device. Please read carefully all user manuals before powering any device.

All the products listed on are in conformity with the in force CE normative according to the market laws present on the territory of commercialization and based on the designated utilization purpose, the “CE” (Product in conformity with the European Union legislation) marking it’s also placed on the product. It’s possible to ask for a certification of the product filling out this form


Except for different warnings, all devices have a 24 months warranty according to the Dlgs 206/05. The warranty legal soundness starts from the date indicated on the receipt you will find into the package

In case the purchase is carried out with a VAT number (according to article 3 of the legislative decree 206/2005, the individual or legal person which is acting in the course of his or her business, commercial, handicraft, or professional activity with consequential invoice issuing) the warranty is granted in accordance to the article the terms of article 1495 c.c. for 12 months for purchase made within the 30/06/2016. Starting from 1 July 2016 the warranty is extended to 24 months also for the individual or legal person with a valid VAT number.

According to the Dlgs 206/5, warranty is effective for all factory deficiencies as long as the device is installed properly as described in the user manual. Warranty expires once the malfunctioning is due to an improper installation. The warranty is not effective for those devices eroded by external electric and atmospheric agents. The software upgrade is at the customer’s risk. It can compromise the correct functioning of the devices and warranty won’t cover such cases. In case of faulty product covered by warranty, our technicians can ask you to run some functional tests in order to understand the nature of the problem. If your device needs to be dispatched to our technical offices we will do our best in order to shorten waiting times. The restoration or the replacement of the device is at our own discretion.

No responsibility can be ascribed to Setik for lateness in the restoration or replacement of the product covered by warranty.

If our technical office won’t inspect the complained deficiency, goods will be sent back against the payment of £50+VAT for overhead.

For any problem concerning our devices (faulty or malfunctioning devices, missing items), please contact our technical assistance.


If a purchased product is faulty or doesn’t work properly, please inform our technical offices as above described; our technicians will tell you if you need to dispatch the item back for the restoration.

Before dispatching the item please wait till you have been assigned an RMA number. The RMA number will identify your product till the end of the service.

If the faulty product will be inspected in the first 15 days following the delivery, the collection and the restoration of the product will be at our own charge. If the problem is inspected more than 15 days from the delivery, shipping costs will be at the buyer’s charge. (all carriage forward shippings will be rejected) The shipping following the restoration of the product will be at the customer’s charge who will we required £10 for the shipping costs.

Restoration times depend on the nature of the malfunctioning, by the way we will try to shorten waiting time as best as we can.

Once the case has been closed, if the customer didn’t pay shipping costs in the following 30 days we won’t be responsible for dismay and we set aside the right to withhold the product for overhead.


The buyer can exercise the right of withdrawal communicating his decision during the first 15 days following the delivery of the product. Our technicians will provide a form to be filled in and an RMA number in order to start the withdrawal file. If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal you will be required to dispatch the item back at our own cost. We will arrange the collection at your place with our international UPS courier. Goods must be returned unused, with the original labels, manuals, cd, accessories etc.) with the original boxes and packages. If you do not respect these conditions you cannot exercise the right of withdrawal. In case of right of withdrawal, once we receive the item back our technicians will inspect it and we will refund the amount paid, including shipping costs. The refund will be provided as soon as possible and no later than 30 days. We can also arrange the replacement of the product with a similar one according to the customer’s need.

In case of Credit (Overdraft), every problem encountered with our products or services will be managed with our technical support and it will not represent a valid reason to interrupt the loan payment. In case of unsolved payment, Setik reserves the right to revoke the given credit and ask for the immediate return of the loaned credit and also charge the buyer with 10 euros on the next Invoice due to the payment collection failure. To recover the owed credit it will also be applied the default interest according to the legislative decree 01/10/2001 n°231.