Thanks to the application TeamViewer, our technicians can connect to your computer and help you step by step with the configuration of your product or with the resolution of your problem.
For this kind of assistance, you should first of all call the dedicated number 895-895-8921, open TeamViewer and follow our technician’s instructions.
You don’t have any software installed on your computer? Don't worry, click on Mac or Windows to start the download. (This call is subject to a charge. The costs of this service are declared at the beginning of the call)


Do you want to receive pre- or post-sales assistance on a particular product, purchase or on an ongoing promotion? Write an email using this form, you can select the type of support you need by choosing between: technical support, marketing, customer service for individual clients and dealers, electric car projects and webmaster.

MON-FRI: 10-13 / 14-18


The easiest and fastest solution to interact with our technicians in real time is the chat.
Just click on the orange rectangle on the bottom right to start the conversation.

MON-FRI: 10-13 / 14-18


We are also available on Whatsapp, the world's most popular chat app!
Click here to text with our technicians, our team will clear up any doubts and offer you the support you need!

MON-FRI: 10-13 / 14-18


Do you need support but prefer to interface directly over the phone? Call 0362-1855440 for advice and pre/post sales help. By contacting Setik assistance you will find technical and commercial support that will help you in every phase of the sale, from the choice of the product that best suits your needs to the phase after the purchase.

MON-FRI: 10-13 / 14-18


To give you further help, we have thought of creating pre and post-sales service packages, present and purchasable directly on our website:

Our technicians will be at your complete disposal to configure the video surveillance system you purchased, BEFORE shipping. There are 4 types of configuration that differ according to the number of configurable cameras: from 1 to 4, from 5 to 8from 9 to 16 and from 9 to 32.
2- SURROUND: We will carry out an inspection in the area where the system will be installed.


1- ASSISTANCE: You will be immediately contacted by telephone with our technicians.
2- TIME ASSISTANCE: Our technicians will be able to connect remotely to your system to solve your problems, discover the service.

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