ABS42-IP complete anti-theft kit

Anti-theft Bentel alarm kit KITABS42-IP/KITABS42IP21x ABSOLUTA control panel, 8 on-board zones expandable up to 42 + 1 x GSM/GPRS/SMS communication board + 1 x GSM antenna for plastic box + 1 x plastic box-cabinet + 1 x LCD white keyboard with proximity reader + 1 x self-powered external siren + 1 x 2,6A switching power supply + 1x LAN/WAN communication board

Reference: KITABS42-IP

Brand: Bentel Security

EAN: 8058258762883


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Complete anti-theft kit, Absoluta series by Bentel - KITABS42-IP

The KITABS42-IP by Bentel is one of the best alarm anti-theft kits on the market. All the products included inside this kit are extremely reliable and allow to make safe you, your home or your business.

- 1x 8 zones ABSOLUTA control panel, expandable up to 42 zones (ABS42)

- 1x GSM/GPRS/SMS add-on board (ABS-GSM)
- 1x GSM antenna kit for plastic box(ABS-AK)
- 1x plastic box-cabinet (ABS-P)
- 1x LCD white keyboard (ABSOLUTA TWHITE)
- 1x 2,6A switching power supply (BAW35T12)
1x self-powered external siren (NEKA)

1x LAN/WAN communication board (ABS-IP)

Please pay attention: batteries are not included inside this kit.Click here to purchase them:
1) Battery for NEKA : click here
2) Battery for the control panel: click here

Product Details

1x hybrid control panel - 8 on-board zones expandable up to 42 - ABS42
ABS42 control panel

1x hybrid control panel - 8 on-board zones expandable up to 42 -  BENTEL

Hybrid control panel - BENTEL - ABS42
- Up to 8 on-board zones
Expandable to 42 input zones

Up to 32 wireless zones

Connection up to 8 LCD or LED keypads

128 keys/tags

8 partitions

Up to 6 on-board outputs expandable to 20


1XPlastic box-cabinet with sabotage microswitch - ABS-P

Plastic box-cabinet equipped with sabotage microswitch

1X Plastic box-cabinet with sabotage microswitch - ABS-P - BENTEL

- Plastic box-cabinet - BENTEL
- Suitable for ABSOLUTA series
- Equipped with sabotage microswitch
- Modern design

1X 2,6A switching power supply - BAW35T12 - BENTEL
1x 2,6A switching power supply

1X 2,6A switching power supply - BAW35T12 - BENTEL

- Universal AC input/Full range from 90 to 260V
- Output Voltage: 13,8Vdc
- Output current: 2,6A
- Protections from: Short circuit - Overload - Over voltage - Battery polarity
- Built-in temperature compensation function
- No load power consumption <0,75W

  • - Compatible with ABSOLUTA and KYO control panels

1XLCD white keyboard - Serie Absoluta - ABSOLUTA TWHITE 
1x LCD white keyboard with proximity reader and 3 onboard programmable I/O terminals

1X Absoluta keyboard with blue LCD display and proximity reader - White - ABSOLUTA TWHITE


- Keyboard - BENTEL

- Model: T-White
- Suitable only for ABSOLUTA control panels
- 2x16 blue LCD display with backlight
- Very simple and fast installation without cabling problems: terminals only on the back
- Integrated proximity reader compatible with Proxy-Cards, Mini-Proxy and Proxy-Tags
- 3 onboard programmable I/O terminals
- Roller blind detectors support
- Integrated level tool for easy installation
- Adjustable display light and contrast
- 4 system status LEDs
- 3 proximity reader LEDs: arming, A and B arming
- High quality product 

1x GSM/GPRS/SMS add-on board for Absoluta control panels - ABS-GSM

GSM/GPRS Add-on Board for ABSOLUTA Series control panels

1x GSM/GPRS/SMS add-on board for Absoluta control panels - ABS-GSM

- Contact ID transmission over GSM (Voice)
- Voice messages over GSM
- Remote Data Up/Downloading with Boss via GPRS network
- Contemporary GSM and PSNT transmission
- 2-way voice over GSM
- SMS generated for each event from the control panel
- Possibility to program/receive SMS for each panel’s event
- Caller ID recognition
- Credit Control

1x GSM antenna, suitable for ABS-P plastic box - ABS-AK

GSM antenna kit for ABS-P

 1x GSM antenna kit for plastic box - ABS-AK

- GSM antenna kit - Bentel
Compatible with ABSOLUTA control panels in plastic box
Kit composed by 1 x Antenna and 1x cable for the ABS-GSM add-on board installation inside Absoluta control panels plastic boxes (ABS-P)

1X Self-powered siren - Flashing light - NEKA
 Sirena Autoalimentata per kit KY08 -BENTEL


1X Self-powered siren - Flashing light - BENTEL (NEKA)


- NEKA self-powered outdoor siren - Bentel Security
- Type: Siren with flashing light
4 alarm inputs (three with programmable polarity, ensure compatibility with any type of control panel)

 - Possibility of programming 2 different sound sets associating them with different types of alarms

Self-protection against burglary, removal and cable cutting

- Maximum alarm time programming.
Magnetodynamic exponential horn with high acoustic efficiency

- Sturdy plastic container resistant to the most adverse weather conditions
Additional protection with tropicalized steel cover

- Suitable for outdoor environments
- Simple installation with drilling template
- Battery test circuit with exclusion of the flashing light when the battery is flat
- Battery NOT included. To purchase it click here
- Size: 208x252x98 mm. Weight: 2.3Kg.


1x LAN/WAN communicator Add-on Board for ABSOLUTA Series - ABS-IP - Bentel 

1x LAN/WAN communicator Add-on Board for ABSOLUTA Series - ABS-IP - Bentel


- IP communicator Add-on Board for ABSOLUTA Series

  • - LAN/WAN Internet protocol with 128 bit encryption
  • - Plug and play: no router configuration needed
  • - Event notification via e-mails
  • - Alarm transmission to Sur-Gard receivers
  • - Data Up/download with BOSS Software
  • - Support for ABSOLUTA APP 2.0
  • - ITV2 – Third part integration protocol

Data Sheet

Data Sheet non disponibile

Further Details


Bentel Security is a traditional point of reference of the SAFETY sector, it is the leading brand for intrusion and fire alarm systems.
Bentel Security is one of the largest Italian company in the Security and Alarm Systems. Founded in 1983 in Grottammare (AP) from a wholly Italian project. In 1998 it was acquired by the Canadian group SDC and in 2001 joins the American multinational company TYCO, the largest systems integrator in the world, a global leader in the Security Sector.
The wide range of their designed products offers all typical Italian quality, reliability, high performance and guarantee.


Users Manuals:
- ABS-42 control panelITA

- T-White keyboardITA
- Siren ITA
All our products are in conformity with the in force CE normative (read here). To ask for a copy of the certification fill out this form

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