Promo Kit Home Alarm Bentel Professional Anti-theft Absoluta Plus ABS48-IP Zone + Perimeter Sensors

Promo Kit Home Alarm Bentel Professional Anti-theft Absoluta Plus ABS48-IP Zone + Perimeter Sensors

KITABS48-IP-PLUS: Anti-theft Kit, Bentel Alarm KITABS48-IP-PLUS with 2 Perimeter Sensors included! (2x TK504) : 1x ABSOLUTA PLUS ABS48 Zone Hybrid Wired Wireless PowerG board (ABS48) + 1x GSM / GPRS / SMS communicator optional board (ABS-GSM) + 1x GSM antenna (ABS-AK) + 1x Enclosure (ABS-P) + 1x T-WHITE LCD keypad + 1x 2.6A switching power supply (BAW35T12) + 1x Self-powered siren (NEKA) 1x LAN / WAN communication card (ABS-IP)

Reference: KITABS48-IP-PLUS

Brand: Bentel Security


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Absoluta Plus
combines the renowned reliability and flexibility of Absoluta control panels with the advanced PowerG wireless technology, market leader. Available as both a fully wired and hybrid system with a wide range of compatible devices, Absoluta Plus offers many new business opportunities to residential and commercial system installers. Designed according to Italian design and quality, this new security solution is a further step in the evolution of the Absoluta platform, built with the same passion and attention to detail required by an increasingly demanding market.

The benefits of Absoluta Plus:
Stronger - Two-way wireless communication with high reliability
More Powerful - Transmission range up to 2000m (in free area)
Wider - Offers the largest variety of wireless devices
Faster - Simple and quick installations, minimum maintenance


Inside this professional bentel anti-theft kit you will find:

- New! 1x Central PCB Wired Alarm Bentel Wireless Absoluta Plus 48 Zones (ABS48)
- 1x LAN / WAN communication card (ABS-IP)
- 1x GSM / GPRS / SMS Communicator Option Card (ABS-GSM)
- 1x GSM antenna for plastic case (ABS-AK)
- 1x Plastic Case (ABS-P)
- 1x White LCD keypad (ABSOLUTA TWHITE)
- 1x 2.6A Switching Power Supply (BAW35T12)
1x Self- powered outdoor siren (NEKA)
- 2x Perimeter Alarm Sensors Double PIR + MW technology with Pet Immunity ( TK-504 ) - really affordable price!

Attention: batteries not included in the kit. Click below to buy them:
1) Battery for NEKA siren: click here
2) Battery for kit operation: click here


By purchasing the KIT-ABS48-IP-PLUS version you will have
but with the addition of 2 alarm sensors PIR + MW Setik TK-504

The sensors in fact you will have them at a
really affordable price !

Sensore allarme perimetrale PIR Pet Immunity Setik TK-501

2x PIR + MW Pet Immune dual technology perimeter alarm sensors - Setik TK-504

Passive indoor motion detector - Setik
Double Technology PIR + MW (Microwave) with MCU processor with ASIC technology and 10,525 GHZ Doppler detection module able to distinguish the real movement of an intruder or the interference of environmental factors.
Range 12 meters
PET Immunity: Pet immunity
Immune to strong EMI / RFI and light interference
Temperature compensation technology for using the device at different temperatures
Possibility of wall installation with TK-MB bracket
Size: 125 * 60 * 38mm

1x Central PCB Wired Alarm Bentel Wireless Absoluta Plus 48 Zones (ABS48)
Centrale ABS PLUS 48 Zone Bentel

1x Central PCB Wired Alarm Bentel Wireless Absoluta Plus 48 Zones (ABS48)

Bentel Absoluta Plus ABS48 alarm system PowerG wireless wired alarm control unit, up to 48 zones, anti-intrusion system ideal for residential and commercial systems. Up to 48 zones via radio, connection to 8 keypads, 128 keys / tags, 16 radio keys and proximity readers. Remote control (APP, SMS, DTMF), programmable outputs. Grade2 certification

1X Plastic container with sabotage microswitch - ABS-P

Contenitore di plastica per Absoluta completo di microswitch sabotaggio

1X Plastic container for Absoluta with sabotage microswitch - ABS-P - BENTEL

- Plastic Container - BENTEL
- Suitable for ABSOLUTA series
- Equipped with sabotage microswitch
- Modern design

1X 2.6A Switching Power Supply - BAW35T12 - BENTEL
1x Trasformatore per kit ABS-KIT2 Absoluta Bentel

1X 2.6A Switching Power Supply - BAW35T12 - BENTEL

- Universal input voltage: 90 to 260Vac
- Output voltage: 13.8Vdc
- Output current: 2.6A
- Protection from: Short circuit - Overload - Overvoltage - Battery polarity inversion)
- Temperature compensation
- Consumption without load less than 0.75W

  • - Compatible with ABSOLUTA and KYO series control units

1X White LCD Keypad - Absoluta Series - ABSOLUTA TWHITE
1x Tastiera LCD Bianca con lettore di prossimità e 3 Terminali I/O programmabili

1X Absoluta series keyboard with LCD display - White - ABSOLUTA TWHITE

- Keyboard - BENTEL

- Model: T-White
- Compatible only with ABSOLUTA series control units
- 2-line by 16-character blue LCD screen with backlight
- Extremely intuitive user menu interface
- Integrated proximity reader compatible with: Proxi-Cards, Mini-Proxi, Proxi-Tags.
- 3 integrated programmable input / output terminals.
- Shutter sensor support.
- Terminals are on the bottom
- Adjustable display brightness and contrast.
- 4 system status LEDs.
- 3 LEDs for proximity reader: insertion, insertion A and B.
- Quality product

1x Additional GSM / GPRS / SMS communicator card for Absoluta series - ABS-GSM

Scheda addizionale comunicatore GSM/GPRS/SMS Absoluta

1x Additional GSM / GPRS / SMS communicator card for Absoluta series - ABS-GSM

- Transmission of Contact ID messages on the GSM voice channel
- Voice messages on GSM
- Remote programming with BOSS using the GPRS channel
- Simultaneous transmission on PSTN and GSM
- GSM remote listening function
- SMS that can be generated for each control panel event
- Receipt of SMS for the generation of events in the control panel
- Recognition of the caller
- Check of residual credit

1x LAN / WAN communication card - ABS-IP - Bentel

1x LAN / WAN communication card - ABS-IP - Bentel

- Additional IP communicator card for Absoluta Series

  • - LAN / WAN internet protocol with 128 bit encryption
  • - Plug and play: router configuration is not required
  • - Event notification by e-mail
  • - Transmission of events to Sur-Gard receivers
  • - Up / Download of data remotely through the BOSS software
  • - Support for ABSOLUTA APP 2.0
  • - ITV2 third party integration protocol

1x GSM Antella suitable for Absoluta - ABS-AK plastic enclosure

Antenna per contenitore plastico Absoluta

1x GSM antenna suitable for Absoluta - ABS-AK plastic enclosure

- GSM Antenna Kit - Bentel
Compatible with ABSOLUTA control units in plastic container.
Kit composition: GSM antenna + Cable for installing the ABS-GSM card in the plastic container

1X Self-powered siren - Flashing light - NEKA
Sirena Autoalimentata per kit KY08 -BENTEL


1X Self-powered siren - Flashing light - BENTEL (NEKA)

- NEKA self-powered outdoor siren - Bentel Security
- Type: Siren with flasher
- 4 alarm inputs (three with programmable polarity, ensure compatibility with any type of control panel)
- Possibility of programming 2 different sets of sounds by associating them with different types of alarms
- Self-protection against burglary, removal, cable cutting
- Maximum alarm time programming.
- Magnetodynamic exponential horn with high acoustic performance
- Sturdy plastic container resistant to the most adverse weather conditions
- Additional protection with tropicalized steel cover
- Suitable for outdoor environments
- Simple installation with drilling template
- Battery test circuit with the exclusion of the flasher with low battery
- Battery NOT included. To buy it click here
- Dimension: 208x252x98 mm. Weight: 2.3Kg.

ABS42 vs ABS48 Absoluta Plus:

Features ABS42


Maximum number of wired zones 42
Maximum number of wireless zones 32 48
Total maximum number of combined zones (wired and wireless) 42 48
User codes 63 63
Installer Codes 2 2
Keyboards 8 8
Tags, keys and proximity cards 128 128
Radio keys 16
Number of proximity readers 32 32
Input / output expansions 16/8 32/16
Number of feeding stations 4 4
Areas 8 8
Maximum number of outputs 20 20
Timer 16 16
Voice messages 206 206
Telephone numbers in the directory 32 32
Email addresses 32
Management via ABSOLUTA APP YES
Management via telephone (DTMF) YES
Management via telephone (SMS) YES


New Hardware and Firmware cards

New PowerG receiver, BW-PGH

All wireless devices are in powerG technology

Operations with temperature and light in the events and actions matrix

Keyboards show indoor and outdoor temperatures

Possibility to program the insertion schemes with the BW-RCH

Card size

Compatible with all BPI peripherals

Compatible with ABS-GSM

Compatible with ABS-IP

Compatible with M-Touch keypad

Unchanged programming (software and method)

User App (Absoluta PRO and Absoluta Free) updated for Absoluta Plus control panels

Home automation functions

Remote maintenance and support (BOSS software)

Available with EN Grade 2 and 3 certification

PowerG Wireless Radio Technology

The new Absoluta Plus is equipped with Wireless Power G Technology , which guarantees high immunity from interference, a more robust system and maximum 2KM coverage.
It supports 4 frequencies in the 868-869 MHz bands and the frequency changes 64 times per second. Communication efficiency increased as the battery life. No collision.

ABS18 interference pattern

Fully two-way communication

The new Absoluta Plus control panels are completely bidirectional!
- Remote management of the system and programming
- Diagnosis and maintenance
- No transmission when disarmed
- Ability to register devices in the office

Absoluta plus bidirectional

Absoluta Home Automation

With the user application and thanks to the control panel automations you can set annual, weekly and daily programmers and timers.
Up to 8 automatic arming / disarming during the day for each single area of the control panel. Up to 20 templates to apply
Up to 20 timers models with 8 activations per day.
Timers can be associated with:
- Get out
- Users
- Keys, tags and remote controls
- Calls
- Arming and disarming

There are also Chrono Thermostat functions (temperature functions with PowerG + Timers devices)

Smart SMS:

The control panel automatically builds the SMS (Control panel + event + zone label)


32 email addresses in 4 groups:
- Technicians
- System administrators
- Supplements
- End users

Talk and Listen:

With AS100 you can:
- Activate the environmental listening function
- Activate bidirectional communication
- Play voice messages

User APP - Absoluta App and Absoluta Pro:

Ability to login in various ways (Touch ID or Face ID), PIN, Password.
Complete and quick management of all functions (gate opening, activating a scenario, etc.)

Absoluta plus app

BOSS software v4.30

Compatibility with BOSS software v4.30
- Added wireless detectors, enabling and pairing wireless detectors
- Management of devices that have brightness and temperature sensors
- Device management with auxiliary inputs (BW-MCN, BW-MCB, BW-312, BW-SHK, BW-IO)
- BW-IO programming outputs
- Added BW-SRO / BW-SRI wireless sirens
- Radio command programming

More security:

Reliable and affordable protection:
- Highly reliable and accurate detection and security for the protection of people and property
- Wireless and wired outdoor detectors to stop intruders before they enter
- Advanced encryption and other system protections prevent digital attacks and prevent interference and blocking from other devices
- End user app that allows system operations from anywhere, also supporting many home automation actions

Wide range of compatible devices:

Installation scenarios:

Ideal for residential and commercial systems who want a hybrid solution for superior security.


This control panel is EN Grade 2 certified


Available Downloads:
- Brochure
- Datasheet


Bentel Security represents a traditional point of reference in the SECURITY sector, of which it is the leading brand for anti-theft and fire alarm systems.
Bentel Security is one of the largest Italian companies in the field of Security and Alarm Systems. It was born in 1983 in Grottammare (AP) from an all-Italian project. In 1998 it was acquired by the Canadian group DSC and in 2001 it became part of the American multinational TYCO, the largest systems integrator in the world, world leader in the security sector.
The wide range of products they have designed offer quality, reliability, high performance and an all-Italian guarantee.

All our products are in conformity with the in force CE normative (read here). To ask for a copy of the certification fill out this form


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