NVR 8-Channel 6MPX PoE Video Analysis - Tiandy

NVR 8-Channel 6MPX PoE Video Analysis  - Tiandy

IP Video Recorder (NVR) Tiandy up to 8-Channel @6MPX, 8 PoE Ports, Video Output HDMI, VGA and 2 USB Ports. Support 2x Hard Disk SATA 3,5" up to 6TB each. (not included), Audio, Alarm, Video Analysis, Smart Search&Recording. Compatible with ONVIF.  TC-NR4008M7-P2

Reference: TC-NR4008M7-P2

Brand: Tiandy

EAN: 8058258763507


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Tiandy Product Surveillance NVR Video Recorder 8-Channel IP Tiandy with standard H.264 and PoE Protocol. Resolution un to 6MPX recording, Video Analysis and Smart Search&Recording. ANR and Corridor Mode. Video Outputs HDMI, VGA and 2 USB Ports. Support 2x Hard Disk SATA 3,5" up to 6TB (not included), Audio Input and Output, Alarm Output. Compatible with ONVIF. TC-NR4008M7-P2
Hard Disk not included! 

Product Details

Learn more about one of the chinese BRAND LEADER in IP security world!

Read the article! (italian language)

- Video Surveillance IP 8-Channel PoE - Tiandy
- 8 PoE Ports
- Resolution up to 6 Megapixel recording
- Bandwidth: 80Mbps
- Video Output HDMI and VGA up to 1920x1080 resolution
- 1 RJ-45 100/1000Mbps
- Remote View
- Compatible with browsers: IE8,IE9,IE10,IE11,Chrome30,Firefox24
- Software Mobile: P2P&DDNS for systems IOS and Android (Tiandy: TD Viewer / EasyLive, Neutral: Smartwatchman)
- Support Video Analysis (VCA) with Tiandy Cameras (Tripwire/Perimeter and further more...)
- Corridor Mode with Tiandy cameras
- Smart Search&Recording, Plug&Play
- Support 2 Hard Disk SATA 3,5" up to 12TB storage (6Tb each, not included)
- Audi: 1 Input + 1 Output
- 1 Alarm Output
- Certifications: CE,FCC
- Languages : English, Spanish, Korean, Italian,Turkish, French, Thai, Russian, Chinese
- Dimension: 440mmx280mmx45mm

Technical Features

Video Compression H.264
IP Video Input 8-ch
Recording Resolution 6MP(2752*2208,3008*2008,2408*2008)/5MP(2448*2048,2560*1920,2592*1944,2592*1920,2528*2128/4MP(2560*1440,2592*1520)/QSXGA(2560*2045)/3MP(2048*1536)/1080P/UXGA/720P/VGA/4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
HDMI Output 1-ch Resolution 1920*1080P/60Hz, 1920*1080P/50Hz, 1280*800/60Hz, 1440*900/60Hz,1366*768/60Hz, 1280*720/60Hz, 1280*720/50Hz,1024*768/60Hz,800*600/60Hz
VGA output 1-ch, Resolution 1920*1080P/60Hz, 1920*1080P/50Hz, 1280*800/60Hz, 1440*900/60Hz,1366*768/60Hz, 1280*720/60Hz, 1280*720/50Hz,1024*768/60Hz,800*600/60Hz
Frame Rate Mainstream 25fps / Substream 25fps
Hard Disk 2 SATA for 2 HDDs
USB 1 x USB2.0, 1 x USB3.0
Video Analytics Support 8-ch Camera VCA Function,Including Tripwire/Double Tripwire/Perimeter/Object Abandon/Object Lost/Running/Loitering/Parking/Early Warning/Crowd/Face Detection/People Counting/Audio Abnormal Detection/Video Abnormal Detection/On duty Detection
ONVIF Onvif(Profile S)
Network Interface 1 RJ-45 100/1000 Self-adaptive Ethernet Interfaces
Corridor Mode Y, 16:9 to 9:16, Only for Tiandy Cameras
Smart Recording Set Recording Bit Rate for Different Time
Alarm Recording

Pre Alarm Default 10s ( 5/10/15/60s Optional) , Post Alarm Default 10s (10/15/30/60/600s Optional ).

Language English, Spanish, Korean, Italian,Turkish,Thai, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese,French, Polish
Power Supply

100 ~ 240V AC, 50 ~ 60 Hz


? 25W(without HDD)
Working Temperature

-10 ºC ~ +55 ºC (+14 ºF~ + 131 ºF)

Working Humidity 10 % ~ 90 %


Weight 3KG (without HDD), 4.2KG (with Packing Box)
PoE Interface 8 Independent 100 Mbps PoE Network Interfaces

Further Details

This Video Recorder support up to 8 cameras

- Resolution up to6 Megapixel recording.
- Bandwidth: 80Mbps

PoE Protocl This video recorder has embedded 8 indipendent PoE ports 100 Mbps
Video Content Analysis

VCA o Video Content Analysis is the sum of video analysis features embedded in Tiandy products. Those feature are very useful to detect specific actions, and not only a movement in a determinate area, that makes this products one step ahead from commons cameras.

La Video Analisi allows to detect a specific type of movements and assign those movements to preset actions reducing false alarms and detecting more complex events.


This Video Recorder support up to 8 cameras con video analisi:
- Tripwire

Useful to detect the crossing of a “virtual” line. Some practical examples of Tripwire is, for example, in subway station platform, near gates or restricted areas. Tripwire allows to set a series of parameters as size, direction and further more to avoid false alarm.


- Double Tripwire

The double tripwire manage the crossing of 2 “virtual” lines, a very useful feature for all those case, for example, where to surveil a path with double entry is required. Also in this case a lot of parameters can be managed as time, size etc..


- Perimeter

The Perimeter is another typology of complex analysis managed from Tiandy, the principals are similar to the tripwire features but the perimeter is an area where, after a trans passing event, will be send an alert. Very useful to monitor restricted areas, private areas and gates.


- Abandoned Objects

The management of an abandoned object today has become very important, especially in public areas, where is necessary to have an immediate alert of variation in framed area. When a certain area is framed and defined you will be able to be alerted when a sudden change appears with the presence of new objects. A lot of parameters can be managed, complexity, dimension and furthermore, also in areas with high complexity and small size as store, warehouse etc.


-Lost Objects

At the opposite of the abandoned objects, detect the changing scene with the subtraction of an object and it will send an alarm useful to detect the subjects which have make change the scene, the objects may change place inside the area, but if it leaves the area an alarm will start. Very useful when an object needs to be exposed an object.

- Running

Particularly useful in crowded public place (supermarket, parking, restaurants) where to run is not a common action, this feature will detect someone which is running fast and is trying to quickly get away from the place. The detection of Running allows to identify the subjects which is performing the action, and if PTZ cameras are installed also to zoom on the subject.



- Loitering

Loitering feature has been strongly required in the last years due to the always higher risk of vandalism. The loitering feature detect people wandering with no specific path in a determinate area for a longer time of the preset time, a lot of parameters can be set to avoid false alarm.

- Parking

The parking analysis detect an object with preset dimension which is immobile from a certain time inside a selected area, useful for zones with reserved parking or to be notified when areas are being occupied. In case of PTZ camera or other systems a lot of events notification can be activated as counting or chasing and further more.


- Early Warning


- Crowd

One of the most required feature is crowd assemble, both for statistical and security purpose, the Crowd mode by Tiandy allows to analyze the event of the crowd assemble (density and more and can start many kind of alarms. The same system is used also for Marketing purpose in places where is useful to monitor the general flow, this way it will be easier to take not of the hours where a place is more frequented for example.


- Face Recognition

- Conteggio Persone

- Audio Anomaly Detection

The audio has a feature for detection which pay attention to noises, in this case the application of this kind of alarm is useful in areas which are usually quiet, for example inside stores. Audio is a feature which is not particularly considered, but it’s very useful to send alarms and further more.

- Video Anomaly Detection

Video Anomaly Detection is used to avoid TAMPERING, very useful in areas where cameras are not surveilled, send an alarm if action as the tampering, obfuscation, damage or focus change. This kind of events are extremely important to reveal.


- Detection

Corridor Mode

This Video Recorder support up to la Corridor Mode only with Tiandy cameras
Da 16:9 a 9:16

Corridor Mode. Is often required to frame a vertical area,
since a normal horizontal format is not the best solution
This is why many devices embedd the Corridor Mode that will allows to obtain from the camera a "vertical" video flux

Example of Corridor Mode 

This video recorder allows Smart Recording

Gli NVR Smart Tiandy offer the possibility to set
differents modaility of recording,
according to exigency of the users, as the kind of alarm, timing and resolution.

This video recorder allows Smart Search

La smart research it allows to find the
photograms which contains the most framed subjects
analyzing the images.


ANR Features

Automatic Download from SD Card in the camera, stored when disconnected (it works only with IP Tiandy ANR cameras) 

  This Video Recorder support up to fino a 2HDD SATA 3,5" 6TB each. (not included)


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All our products are in conformity with the in force CE normative (read here). To ask for a copy of the certification fill out this form


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