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What does means? A dedicated management of products, customers, numbers and daily information that makes our job more and more exciting every day that goes by. We are glad to share with you our success and we do it by means of this page that shows how many you are, how much our daily activities are significant and how much we care about the customers that choose us. These information are updated daily automatically and we would like to share them with you, hoping that they may help you in your choice and in feeling closer to us.

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In the last 12 months:
Day with the highest purchases number: 65.279,57 € (09-05-2019)
Italian region with the highest purchases number: Lombardia (819.866,12 €)
Foreign country with the highest purchases number: Francia
DVRs sold: 1.796
HDD sold: 1.416
Cameras sold: 5.396
Issued invoices: 15.813
The biggest purchase: 45.012 €
Average order total amount: 116,67 €