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Network cable with connectors, extremely reliable. Category 6, Material BC, Length 0.5 meters. Light Blue.  0.5MTC6
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100mt Coaxial cable skein - Material: CCS (Copper Clad Steel), suitable for up to 250 meters sections and for analog video surveillance installations - Color: Black - Certifications: CE, Rohs -  100MTRG59CCS
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Skein of 100 Meters of micro coaxial HD cable, 75 ohm, with diameter ø 3.10 . LSZH purple outer sheath with non-propagating fire in accordance with CEI 20-22 III or IEC 60332-1 and in compliance with CEI UNI 36762. Halogen-free, reduced smoke. From inside. 100MTMCX-3.1LSV