5x BNC Male to BNC Female connectors -  useful to connect two video cables together
 Available from 31 March 2023
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BALUNHD Setik pair of Passive Video Baluns compatible with HD-CVI / TVI / AHD and CVBS (Analog) with resolution up to 4K 8Megapixel . Real-time transmissions over Cat5e / 6 UTP cable up to 450m [720P CVI]. Integrates solid state TVS for surge protection, power not required, interference immunity, grade III lightning protection
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Pair of Passive Video Baluns similar to PFM800-4K / PFM800B-4K Dahua High Quality 1 Channel . HDCVI / HDTVI and AHD compatible video formats , resolution up to 4K ULTRA-HD 8Megapixel up to 100MT! Possibility to connect two or more baluns together , Push Terminal and High Anti-Interference .TVS for overload protection. BALUNHQ
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5XRCA-2PINF Setik Connectors 5 Pieces from RCA Audio / Video to terminal block. 2-wire terminal block arrangement. Perfect for replacing damaged connectors, no need to solder or use crimping pliers. Compact and portable for quick installation of security systems
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Pair of Video Balun Dahua PFM800B-4K . Passive single-channel transceivers, HD-CVI / CVBS / TVI / AHD signal transmission support. Male BNC video connection, real-time transmissions up to: 200mt at 4K / 250mt at 1080p / 400mt at 720p with UTP CAT5E / 6 cable. Dahua PFM800B-4K