• Ajax

    Ajax SystemsAjax Systems

    The alarm systems by Ajax System use a state-of-the-art wireless technology, thus making the devices very reliable and always connected. Ajax System detectors combine the best components with conceptual design.

  • AMC


    Setik now distributes AMC Elettronica, an Italian brand specialising in the intrusion detection sector.

  • Bentel Security

    Sistemi di sicurezza Bentel

    Bentel Security has established itself as a security benchmark; a leader in product design and manufacturing of a complete range of intrusion security and fire alarm control equipment and accessories.



    Beta Cables: Leader in the Production and Sale of Innovative Cables for Various Applications. 
    Discover the Complete Range of Beta Cables
    Beta Cavi specialises in the production and sale of a wide range of cables suitable for multiple uses and applications in the main market segments. Whether you are looking for cables for industrial, residential or commercial applications, Beta Cavi has the perfect solution for you.

  • Chint


    CHINT Italia Investment Srl is an Asian company founded in 1984, active in more than 140 countries and regions, strongly committed to the green sector.

  • CLS


    CLS has been a leader in the world of critical connectivity for over 25 years. From being an alarm provider in the UK, it now boasts over 2 million connections supporting mission-critical IoT applications across Europe. By 2025 they aim to be Europe's number one provider of critical IoT connectivity

  • CSA

    Sistemi antifurti CSA

    Setik distributes CSA, company with 30 years of experience, a real point of reference in security sector

  • Dahua

    Videosorveglianza Dahua

    Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading solution providers in video surveillance industry, with more than 13,000 employees and 35 active branches all over the world.



    Eaton Industries, a company specialising in the production of components and systems for industrial automation and energy production, from January 2022 has also included in its price list the products of Cooper CSA,a company with 30 years' experience as a benchmark in the security sector.

  • FireClass

    FireClass is an innovative class of fire detection products for commercial use.

  • Guardian
  • Hikvision

    Videosorveglianza Hikvision

    Hikvision was founded in 2001 with the aim of creating and developing complete professional video surveillance solutions, quickly becoming a leader in the security world.

  • Hyundai Security

    Videosorveglianza Hyundai

    Hyundai Security products for the protection and safety, to be installed in your home, office or means of transport.


    Monitor Videosurveillance IIYAMA

    Setik is distributor for Italy of the brand IIYAMA, manufacturer of monitors of the highest quality and ideal for the video surveillance sector.

  • IMOU


    Imou was created with the aim of proposing intelligent solutions that enable everyone to enjoy a more comfortable and safer life, simplifying everyday life for consumers, as highlighted by the official claim: 'Enjoy Smart Life'

  • JVSG
  • Kingston

    Kingston products for Data Storage



    MERCUSYS is a TP-Link brand that focuses on providing reliable and affordable networking devices that are ideal for the average consumer. The MERCUSYS product range includes Wi-Fi routers, range extenders, powerline adapters and access points, all designed to enhance network connectivity in both homes and small offices


    Tp-Link Omada

    OMADA is a TP-Link brand of enterprise network management solutions. The OMADA system includes both hardware and software designed to centralise the management of wireless networks, switching and gateways. This approach is designed to improve the control and management of network infrastructures, particularly in enterprise environments.

  • Optex


    OPTEX manufacturer and world leader in high-performance sensing technology. For more than 40 years in the market, Optex has thousands of customers around the world who choose them every day for their reliable detection systems.

  • Paradox Allarme

    Sistemi di sicurezza Paradox

    The history of Paradox Alarm began in 1989 with the launch on the market of an extraordinary line of products, the first motion detectors whose patents are still used today.

  • Pulsar

    Accessori impianti allarme Pulsar

    Since 1994, Pulsar has been distinguished by the production of access controls and accessories and components for alarm systems and video surveillance systems.

  • Pyronix

    Pyronix 42.jpg

    Pyronix, a leading specialist in the field of intruder alarms, joined Hikvision, the world's number one company for surveillance solutions, in May 2016


    Ricom we merchandise the enire Ricom range of lenses. They are specific for video surveillance systems, from standard lenses to the IP ones, pinhole and all the varifocal models.

  • Setik

    Setik was founded in 2012.
    Initially 10 products in the catalogue, today almost 4,000.

  • TAPO


    The Tapo brand story starts with TP-Link, a leading company in the networking solutions industry, specializing in devices like routers, switches, and surveillance cameras. Tapo was introduced as a line of smart home products aimed at making home technology more accessible, affordable, and user-friendly.

  • Tiandy

    Videosorveglianza Tiandy

    Tiandy is one of the leading Asian manufacturer in Video Surveillance field, highly specialized in IP world.

  • UR FOG


    UR Fog is one of the most solid Italian realities in the market of fog systems.

  • V-TAC

    V-TAC is the european leader in the market of LED technology and lighting solutions

    With a logistics hub in Sofia, today it’s a multinational company with offices in Bulgaria, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, India, Hungary, Romania and Austria. 

  • VIGI


    The VIGI brand was launched by TP-Link as a line of advanced video surveillance products, focused on home and commercial security. This product line was designed to offer reliable, high-performance, and user-friendly video surveillance solutions to help people protect their homes, businesses, and properties.

  • Western Digital

    Hard Disk Videosorveglianza

    The Western Digital range of products is very ample. Setik merchandises all the Audio/video devices.



    Officially established in 2007 in China, Zkteco Co., Ltd (Zkteco) is today a multinational company specialising in the creation and development of technological solutions for access and presence control, biometric verification and time attendance