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OPTEX manufacturer and world leader in high-performance sensing technology. For more than 40 years in the market, Optex has thousands of customers around the world who choose them every day for their reliable detection systems.

Discover all optex products extensive catalogue of outdoor sensors. You will find optex vxi, optex bxs, optex vxi-dam, optex bxs-am, optex vx, optex bx80n, optex vxi-rdam. The whole world of Optex intrusion detection

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OPTEX volumetric wireless passive PIR dual beam detector Very low absorption. Detection coverage adjustable up to 12 meters and 90°, programmable in 5 levels, double conductive shielding against disturbances due to strong light. SMDA (Super Multi Dimension analysis) , advanced temperature compensation logic and environmental noise immunity. GRD VXI-R / VXI-R