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Accessories for visible magnetic contacts, CSA Cooper flat magnet Diameter 12 H 2,5 Hole 3 SV, compatible with CSA series 314 microcontacts. CSA 300-MA, Flexible sheath in PVC coated steel. AG-10 , Spacer for 460 series is fixed under the reed part of the 460 series so as to obtain alignment with the relative magnet part 461-CSA. 1200-SPC
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Keypad flush mounting Bentel kit Premium . Includes: flush mounting box, mortar protection, top with Bentel logo, flush mounting back. Quality product. Security. BKP-BOX
IP communicator additional card for ABSOLUTA Series. Internet LAN / WAN protocol with 128-bit encryption. Plug and play: router configuration is not required . Event notification by email. Transmission of events to Sur-Gard receivers. Remote data up / download through BOSS software Highly reliable ABS-IP - BENTEL product
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