The CCTV accessories range is very wide and includes among others brackets for cameras installation, cables for CCTV systems, power source products specific for security and video surveillance. Setik imports, tests and guarantees all its products including PoE network switches, CCTV power supplies, RG59 cables, UTP cables and much more.

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Coppia di Video Balun Passivi Alta Qualità ad 1 Canale . Formati Video Compatibili HDCVI / HDTVI e AHD, risoluzione fino a 4K ULTRA-HD 8Megapixel fino a 100MT!  Possibilità di connettere due o più balun assieme , Push Terminal e Anti-Interferenza elevata .TVS per protezione da sovraccarico. BALUNHQ
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Pair of Passive 1-Channel Video Baluns , supported HDCVI / HDTVI and AHD technologies, resolution up to 4K in HDCVI with a maximum distance of 100MT Possibility of connecting two or more baluns together , Push Terminal on the upper side and high Anti-Interference . ESD for lightning protection. Setik. BALUN4K