12VDC power supply with 2A power, alternative to Dahua PFM320D, ideal for powering a single camera for surveillance. European connector. From inside. Quality product. Setik. SUPPLY2AEU
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ALIM2A5VDC Setik 5VDC power supply with 2A power, ideal for powering PoE phones, VOIP phones and IP / CCTV surveillance cameras. European plug, 2.1mm * 5.5 connector. Indoor.
Dahua PFM320D-015 Stabilized 12V DC power supply with screw terminals , ideal to be installed inside supports / junction boxes, led indicator, protection against overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent. simple installation.
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Dahua PFM300 Power Adapter Output 2A (± 2%), Output Voltage DC12V (± 5%), Input AC180 ~ 264V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.6A, No-load Power Consumption <0.5W, Accurate protection against overcurrent and the load voltage.
Dahua PFM320D / PFM320D-EN Small easy to install 12V DC 2A power supply, highly reliable. Equipped with status light, it supports an extended temperature range -30 ? ~ + 70 ?, protected from overvoltages, overtemperature, overcurrent, voltage load
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ALIM5AEU Setik 12V 5A 60W power supply with single connector for powering high performance CCTV video surveillance camera or DVR / NVR security recorders. Aesthetics may vary depending on the supplies
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Passive Video Balun Hikvision DS-1H18 Color signal transmission distance, via CAT5 and CAT6, Up to 200 Meters.
Alimentatore 12V DC per telecamere di videosorveglianza. Adattatore Potenza 2A. 100/240 V 50/60Hz   Impermeabile,  Resistente all'acqua - Waterproof  - Spinotto Europeo, Materiale ABS, colore nero, dimensioni: 8.8X6.83.3 cm/ 3.64X2.68X1.30in AC lunghezza del cavo: 31cm/12.410in DC lunghezza del cavo 33cm/12.99in Prodotto affidabile. ALIM2AWP
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Pulsar ML572 Extension cord with earthing switch, 4 Sockets, Rated Voltage 250 V, Rated Current 10A - Type E/F plug ("Unischuko") - Type E sockets, On/Off Backlit Switch
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FSP13-IMOU Imou Solar Panel for Cell PT - Solar panel COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE! --> IPC-K9EP-3T0WE-IMOU The --> FSP12-IMOU version is also available
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Setik ALIM3ADIN 12V DC 3A power supply with DIN connection , ideal to be installed inside electrical panels. Short circuit, overload and low battery voltage protection. Quality product