Dahua PFM320D-015 Stabilized 12V DC power supply with screw terminals , ideal to be installed inside supports / junction boxes, led indicator, protection against overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent. simple installation.
Dahua PFM320D / PFM320D-EN Small easy to install 12V DC 2A power supply, highly reliable. Equipped with status light, it supports an extended temperature range -30 ? ~ + 70 ?, protected from overvoltages, overtemperature, overcurrent, voltage load
 Available from 10 October 2020
Pannello solare  EZVIZ  CS-CMT-Solar Panel specifico per telecamera C3A, Consente di ricaricare la batteria della telecamera C3A. Rende la telecamera più comoda da usare ed elimina la necessità di smontare e ricaricare la telecamera  C3A.  tensione di alimentazione 5 V +/- 5% Max, Dimensioni  153 mm x 80 mm x 2 mm
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Setik ALIM5ADIN 12V DC 5A power supply with DIN connection , ideal to be installed inside electrical panels. Short circuit and overload protection. Quality product
  Hurry up! Only a few pieces left in our warehouse!
12V DC 2A power supply to power IP cameras or NVR exploiting the electricity grid . PLC (Power Line Connection) technology . EU plug - ALIMPLC