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Are you looking for a CCTV surveillance kit or an alarm system for your home or business? Request a quote now, our technicians will be able to offer you the best solutions according to your needs.

Setik offers you different quote request systems that will allow our technical team to know your needs in a few minutes.

Our staff will then work out an alarm system or a customized CCTV kit that best suits your needs. The technical support team, thanks to their skills and experience, will be dedicated to your project or that of your customers, helping you in the choice of products and indicating the ideal solutions signed by the best brands in the industry: Dahua, Hikvision, Bentel, Hyundai, Ajax Systems and many others.

Why rely on our technicians?
Our team has decades of experience in the field of safety and periodically follows training courses held directly by our top brands of which we are official distributors. In addition, each staff member is able to interface directly with the parent company for advice or clarification coming directly from the manufacturers.

Are you a professional and work in the world of security? 
Thanks to our help you can take advantage of:

✔ support on the inspection

✔ financial support 

✔ project support and evaluation

✔ development of custom solutions

✔ continuous telephone support

For any request do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized video surveillance and security quotes

Home video surveillance quote

Preventivi domestici
Are you a private? You don't know where to start? You don't know the video surveillance business? We'll take care of it! Request a "Domestic Quote" and we will understand all your security needs and offer you the best solution! We are professionals in the field of video surveillance and we will provide you with 360 degrees of advice regarding your complete video surveillance system. Put us to the test! Request a free quote, click here.

Professional video surveillance quote

Preventivi domesticiAre you an installer? A contractor? Or simply know all about the video surveillance industry? We have the solution for you! Request a "Professional Quote" if your knowledge of the subject allows you to understand your needs and compare it with us at Setik: we guarantee you the best price and the best quality! Dialogue with people who speak the same language as you! Request a free Quote, click here.

Alarm system quote

Preventivi domesticiquest a quote for your alarm system now. Our quote request system will allow you to get in touch with our technical staff first and then with our sales staff to identify, understand and analyze the specific requests of our customers. Our technical team will evaluate your request at 360 degrees and then the sales team will elaborate the best and most convenient economic proposal for the solution built ad hoc. Request a free Quote, click here.

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