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Sistemi di sicurezza Bentel

Bentel Security has established itself as a security benchmark; a leader in product design and manufacturing of a complete range of intrusion security and fire alarm control equipment and accessories.

Setik is now a BENTEL supplier, a worldwide leader brand in alarm systems. Bentel has been manufacturing anti-intrusion systems for more than 30 years. Bentel is synonymous of competence, high performances and reliability. Bentel is part of TYCO, the American worldwide leader in security systems. We chose Bentel in order to propose our customers the best product on the market. On the whole range Bentel guarantees technical assistance and design. If you choose Bentel, you choose the best product on the marketplace!

If you are looking for a Bentel product but cannot find it among our categories, don't worry. Below you can download and consult the official catalog Bentel in an easy and immediate way. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request.
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Bentel Absoluta Plus Anti-theft ABS-128G3 PowerG wireless wired alarm control unit, up to 128 zones, anti-intrusion system ideal for residential and commercial systems. Up to 128 wireless zones, connection to 16 keypads, 250 keys / tags, 32 radio keys and proximity readers. Remote control (APP), programmable outputs. Grade3 certification. Container and power supply included
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Keypad flush mounting Bentel kit Premium . Includes: flush mounting box, mortar protection, top with Bentel logo, flush mounting back. Quality product. Security. BKP-BOX
IP communicator additional card for ABSOLUTA Series. Internet LAN / WAN protocol with 128-bit encryption. Plug and play: router configuration is not required . Event notification by email. Transmission of events to Sur-Gard receivers. Remote data up / download through BOSS software Highly reliable ABS-IP - BENTEL product