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Hyundai Security products for the protection and safety, to be installed in your home, office or means of transport.

Born in Corea, Hyundai Corporation is a leader in the creation of digital products and distinguishes itself for the wide range of industrial, electrical and electronic products. Hyundai Corporation has entered the CCTV field by developing and projecting security devices such as high level recorders and cameras, both for their technology and for their design. The main aim of the Corean company is to guarantee the protection and safety of people inside their houses, offices or means of transport.

All Hyundai video surveillance systems are appreciated and recommended by industry professionals especially because the majority of the range is based on Hikvision technology, which is why they are fully compatible. 

The official distributors of Hyundai Security are few because there are few realities, like Setik, authorized to distribute it. At the basis of this policy is the will to protect and safeguard the brand, thus avoiding aggressive channel choices.

Hyundai Security

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HYU-596 Two transmitter pack - Passive - 1 channel HDTVI / HDCI / AHD / CVBS - Resolution up to 4K with range up to 200m - No power required - Built-in voltage stabilizer and transient protection - CAT5 / 5E / 6 coaxial cable - Interference rejection> 60dB - Ideal for video surveillance systems
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HYU-215N Hyundai Wall mount bracket for Hyundai motorized PTZ dome cameras. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Aluminum, 97.7 x 182 x 306 mm