CCTV lenses may be used in two different cases: in case of boxed cameras without any lens, usually used for specific systems where uncommon lenses are required, or in case of M12 joint lenses, specific for latest generation CCTV cameras with an interchangeable lens. Fixed lenses convey a better result than the varifocal ones because are specifically projected to guarantee the maximum light level at a specific aperture, while the varifocal lenses have been worked out to guarantee an adequate light whichever is the lens aperture. Most of our lenses are megapixel, in order to offer you the best results, if you cannot find the one suitable for your needs do not hesitate to ask us for a suggestion.

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1.57mm Lens , F2.2, 1/2.3" image formar (max), M12 connection and 185° viewing angle. Supports up to 5Mpx.   Quality product. 1.57MPMIRF Please pay attention: this lens is not compatible with all of our cameras, in case of any compatibility doubt please contact us for further information