AXPRO HIKVISION DS-PDB-IN-WALLBRACKET AXIOM Hikvision internal wall mounting bracket, made of ABS. Supports hidden wiring and back tampering. Used with internal detectors. Anti-torque design.
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Rope contact analysis card CSA 471-A , Electronic circuit for analyzing the signals coming from the rope contacts, Generates an alarm longer than 0.5 Sec in the presence of a number of pulses equal to or greater than the set value (from 1 to 15) or if the connection with the rope sensor is interrupted, Dimensions 55x37x20mm
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AXPRO HIKVISION DS-PDCM15PF-IR Hikvision AXPro RF Camera Module for External Detector DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE , 2.0mm Fixed Lens, 1 / 2.7 "CMOS Sensor, 3D-NR, Video Verification, JPEG Photo Export Format, Direction angle can be adjusted to suit the angle of the detector TT, IP66 .