AJAX Professional Wireless GPRS / Ethernet 2SIM 2G Alarm Kit

AJAX Professional Wireless GPRS / Ethernet 2SIM 2G Alarm Kit

AJ-STARTERKITCAM-W #38172 / AJHUB2K Professional Ajax StarterKit alarm system / Hub Kit 2 white with two-way wireless communication and 2SIM 2G :

? Panel with backup battery | AJ-HUB2-W
? Motion detector with camera | AJ-MOTIONCAMERA-W
? Door contact / magnetic window AJ-DOORPROTECT-W
? Remote control | AJ-SpaceControl-W

Reference: AJ-HUB2KIT-W

Brand: Ajax

EAN: 0810031990061


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Kit Ajax Allarme senza fili wireless GPRS/LAN 868Mhz 2SIM 2G
Premi Ajax Awards



Prodotto Ajax


The Ajax HUB-2 Kit is the evolution of the historic AJ-HUBKIT-W. The novelty concerns the presence of a second-generation HUB with the possibility of inserting 2SIM 2G and support for the MotionCamera detector , PIR sensor with integrated camera , already included in this kit.

3 year warranty! AJ-HUB2KIT-W / AJHUB2K

What does the kit include?

? Panel with backup battery - Second series | AJ-HUB2-W
? Motion detector with integrated camera | AJ-MOTIONCAMERA-W
? Door contact / magnetic window AJ-DOORPROTECT-W
? Remote control | AJ-SpaceControl-W

I sistemi ajax sono muniti di batterie?


All alarm products in the Ajax range are already equipped with batteries!
Out of the box they are ready for use!

Product details

Ajax - perché scegliere gli allarmi Ajax


Ajax is a synonym of quality and simplicity of use.
All Ajax products use the latest wireless wireless technology, and can be programmed directly from a smartphone or PC.

Thanks to the User and Pro applications , it is possible to have a complete virtual control of the entire entire alarm system, 24 hours a day.

Here is the real difference compared to other competitors!

With a few simple touches , you can:

? Switch on / off the alarm

? Have instant notifications

? Have detailed information on the status of the device

? Perform remote testing and configurations

? Automatic updates


Gestione dell'impianto d'allarme da remoto con APP USER E PRO di AjaxAjax Security System Applicazione Mobile

Hub Ajax - AJ-HUB-W

Ajax Hub - The brain of the security system | AJ-HUB2-W

Device capable of controlling all devices, collecting data, using communication via ethernet and / or GPRS

- Analyze threats

- Filter false alarms by informing only in case of real threat.

- Sabotage proof, with activations and connectors inside the device

- Jeweler technology that allows detectors to be placed up to 2,000 meters away

- Connection via GSM / GPRS (GSM also as backup connection in case of internet interruption)

- Management of up to 100 devices

- Up to 50 users + 1 security (via Contact ID) supported

- SIM Card Support: 2 SIM 2G

- MotionCam support: Ajax sensors with integrated camera and pet immunity

- Alert in case of mains power failure

- Internal battery lasting up to 15 hours (without power supply)

- The new devices can be connected with a simple switch and with the help of QR codes

- Detector checks every 12-300 seconds (settable time)

- Recognition of radio interference, encrypted channels in case of sabotage

- 868MHz Jeweler communication protocol

- Power supply: 110-250Vc.a.

- Quick installation

- White color

- Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36 mm

Rivelatore di movimento PIR con pet immunity e camera integrata

Ajax MotionCamera - PIR detector with Pet Immunity and Integrated Camera | AJ-MOTIONCAMERA-W

Device able to detect, through movement, any intruder, ignoring the movement of domestic animals.

- PIR sensor movement detector

- Wireless wireless with 868MHz Jeweler protocol

- Analyze the movement with 12m coverage

- Pet Immunity : Ignore the movement of small pets (up to 20kg / height 50cm)

- Integrated camera: shoots from 1 to 10 photographs following movement, with 640x480pixel resolution. Equipped with an IR x illuminator for darkness

- Precise and immediate detection of any intruder

- Temperature compensation

- Only compatible with AJ-HUB2 control unit

- Certification EN-50131 Grade 2

- Can be used indoors

- Tamper protection

- Up to 1700 meters from the plant

- Battery powered

- Dimensions: 135x70x60

Rivelatore universale di apertura porte e finestre

Ajax DoorProtect - Door contact / magnetic window | AJ-DOORPROTECT-W

Device capable of detecting the opening of doors and windows

- Universal detector

- Recognizes the opening of doors and windows, even on different floors

- Miniaturized dimensions for greater compatibility with fixtures

- Works up to 2,000 meters from the HUB

- Possibility of connecting an outdoor detector via wire input

- 868MHz Jeweler communication protocol

- It connects to the Ajax Hub with a simple switch and with the help of QR codes

- Can work with a third security system via the uartBridge and ocBridge / ocBridge Plus modules

- Equipped with tamper-proof tamper

- Recognition of radio interference

- Encrypted communication

- The magnet has a power that allows installation up to 20 mm from the main unit

- Power supply: CR123A battery

- 3V supply voltage

- Battery life 7 years

- White color

- Dimensions: 20 x 90 mm

Telecomando controllo remoto

Ajax SpaceControl - The remote control for the security system | AJ-SpaceControl-W

Remote control with a truly spatial design!

- Remote control

- Operation up to 1,000 meters from the HUB, in open space

- Variable code to prevent copying of the signal

- Possibility of partial entry of the system

- Anti-aggression button

- 868MHz Jeweler communication protocol

- Authentication of the remote control for sabotage prevention

- Encrypted messages

- 4 keys

- Recognition of radio interference

- Encrypted communication

- The magnet has a power that allows installation up to 20 mm from the main unit

- Power supply: CR2032 battery

- 3V supply voltage

- Battery life 5 years

- White color

- Dimensions: 65 x 37 x 10 mm

Data sheet

Model: Alarm AJ-HUB2KIT-W
Complete set Intelligent control panel - 2nd series
Wireless motion detector with camera
Wireless opening detector
Wireless key fob
Maximum number of connected devices 100
Maximum number of users


Mobile applications iOS 7.1 and later
Android 4.1 and later
Jeweler radio technology Communication range with central unit - up to 1,700 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies - 868.0—868.6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power - up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Device polling period - 12?300 s
Communication channels Ethernet, GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
SIM card support 2SIM 2G
Power supply Mains supply: 110-250 V
Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 ? / h
Up to 16 hours of offline operation when Ethernet is switched off
Video surveillance IP video cameras with RTSP

More details


An Ajax system is not a closed alarm system.
Its peculiarity lies in being able to be extended with entrance, fire and flood detectors, as well as with relays for the remote management of household appliances. It is possible to purchase and add devices individually. The detectors can be connected with a few taps from the mobile application


Third-party cameras can be connected to Ajax using the application.

You can choose any camera that supports RTSP video streaming


An Ajax system is not put to the test by long distances.
Tests have verified that the maximum distance between the HUB and the detectors, in open space, actually reaches 2,000 meters.

This data can vary in the presence of walls, ceilings and other barriers as these elements reduce the distance.

Before installing the detectors, it is possible to do a radio test directly from the Ajax Security Systems application to determine the signal strength


Brochure (available soon)


Ajax Systems

Established in 2011, Ajax develops wireless alarm and fire alarm systems with JEWELER wireless technology that allows you to securely monitor all connected network devices. Ajax offers solutions for the home, office or business, which can be managed via the App, always updated and compatible with iOS and Android systems. The Ajax devices are easily installed, in fact it only takes 15 seconds to connect the control unit to the sensors. They can also be integrated with surveillance cameras, have an almost zero margin of error and, in case of danger, in less than 150 milliseconds send a notification (sms, push or call).

The Ajax alarm systems take advantage of a latest generation wireless technology that makes all products reliable and always connected. In addition to excellent performance, Ajax systems stand out for their modern and elegant design.

All our products are in conformity with the in force CE normative (read here). To ask for a copy of the certification fill out this form

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