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Tamper-proof AMC tamper-proof tamper kit. Useful to protect the plastic box of the amc X-series units against unauthorized attempts to open or tamper with the central board. AMC Elettronica. KIT-TAMPER
  Hurry up! Only a few pieces left in our warehouse!
Bentel Remote LED Indicator with steady light. Supplementary visual signalling for fire and intrusion installation. Current: max 30 mA. Multi-voltage for anti-theft applications (12V). Dimensions: 83 x 83 x 26mm. Quality product. RILED/12 - Bentel
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ARA23-SW-IMOU Lightweight and portable remote control that allows you to choose between multiple modes. Compatible with the IMOU alarm station, it is possible to choose the "Away Mode", the "Start Mode", the "Disarm" mode and the emergency button, Radio frequency 433MHz, Range of 80 meters. IMOU
  Hurry up! Only a few pieces left in our warehouse!
Keypad flush mounting Bentel kit Premium . Includes: flush mounting box, mortar protection, top with Bentel logo, flush mounting back. Quality product. Security. BKP-BOX
Multifunction Remote Control Key Ring. Arm/Disarm Alarm button, Panic/SOS button to activate an alarm call to registered numbers, Immediate Alarm Setting, long-lasting standard batteries. AL-REM-W1 -  Suitable for being integrated in alarm and anti-intrusion systems
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