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Alarm Control Panel BENTEL SECURITY 8 areas. Proximity key, 1 Alarm Relay + 1 Output Open Collector managable. 8 LED keypad and 8 Eclips insert connectable. New Design, Double balance of the areas and antisabotage terminal AS, central parameters managable both from panel and keypad. Quality Product. Bentel Security. NORMA
 Available from 08 March 2024
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ARC3008C Dahua  Centrale Allarme antintrusione cablata filare integrabile e modulare con 8 aree a bordo + 8 zone espandibili, 1 porta LAN 10/100 Mpbs, 2 porte RS485 per collegamento moduli aggiuntivi e tastiere 275×275×77 mm Serie Fortress
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